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10 Great Questions For Small Business Owners To Ask When Selecting Staff
By Debbie

As a small business owner you want to employ and select the right people for your business. Having a good set of staff will attract new customers, grow your business, and increase profits. All because you asked the right questions and you found the right fit. You can start with asking yourself these questions:

* What are the benefits to hiring this person?

* How can I capture the skills, values and talent that will be the right fit for my business?

* What are the essential ingredients that will attract the right staff?

* How will I be able to identify those elements of teamwork, commitment and enthusiasm that are so vital to success?

Small business owners can use clever questioning techniques that will target selecting the right candidates. You want to be impressed by their strengths, talents, skills, knowledge and potential. So how are you going to identify those unique qualities and gain the value that you want? How are you going to communicate that value?

10 questions to ask that will certainly provide you with the information you are looking for:

1. Why do you want to apply for this job?

2. How do you prioritise your work and how do you stay motivated?

3. How do you handle stress?

4. What are your short and long term goals?

5. What are your strengths?

6. What can you offer us?

7. Please describe where and when you have been a team player?

8. How do you deal with conflict?

9. How do you organize your work?

10. Tell me about a time when you had to get a job done in difficult circumstances.

Interviewing is about finding the right candidate for a position. Proper questions reveal the most promising candidate for a hiring manager. Before interviewing, write down the characteristics the ideal candidate would possess and try to tailor your questions around those attributes. Also, open ended questions make applicants create a clearer image of who they are for the hiring manager.

Debbie founded Resumes Online and comes with over twenty years experience of successful employer and employee coaching for companies, organisations and individuals. Debbie is a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), Certified Executive Coach, Professional Resume Writer, Certified NLP Practitioner & Qualified Trainer. Debbie's experience and professionalism has enabled her to continue to provide a valuable and valued service for clients seeking new employment opportunities. Visit Resumes Online website at:  or email Debbie



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