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Designing and Using an Employment Portfolio
By Debbie

Starting and maintaining an employment portfolio is a good way to:

1. Keep a record of your career and educational accomplishments.

2. Demonstrate to a job interviewer what you have to offer.

3. Support you when you are up for an internal raise or promotion.

So what is an employment portfolio? It is a folder, where you compile documentation supporting your accomplishments.

Items to consider including are:

1. Resume and cover letter.

2. Letters of recommendation.

3. Performance evaluations.

4. Tech or University transcripts.

5. Training certificates, certifications and licenses.

6. Samples of work or papers.

7. Award certificates.

The portfolio works extremely well in demonstrating your ability to perform certain tasks or achieve accomplishments.

For the new graduate or individual who has difficulty interviewing, referring to the your portfolio to show examples can be extremely helpful.

When interviewing, don't be afraid to let the employer see the portfolio. Introduce it when answering a question or simply place it on the desk in front of you (after getting permission) to grab the interviewers' attention.

Debbie founded Resumes Online and comes with over twenty years experience of
successful resume writing and career coaching for companies, organisations and individuals.
Debbie is a professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP),
Certified Executive Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. Debbie's experience and
professionalism has enabled her to continue to provide a valuable and valued service for
clients seeking new employment opportunities. Visit Resumes Online website at:  or email Debbie 



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