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Does your resume unlock your potential, take your skills to the highest level and win you an interview and the job you want now?
by Debbie

Remember that you have only a short amount of time to impress the company. Recruitment staff will scan your resume for approximately 15 seconds before they decide whether you should be invited in for an interview.

What should your resume look like?

·  Powerful key words to describe my credentials, qualifications, strengths and potential.
·  Education and training, achievements, job experience, interests and volunteer work.
·  Clear layout and is easy to read and scan.

Recruitment staff will be impressed by your strengths, talents, skills, knowledge and potential. And you will be invited in for an interview.

My Resume Checklist 

Does the resume highlight all your strengths, knowledge and skills?  


Does it list your achievements?    


Is the information in the correct order?


Have you listed all your accomplishments?   


Have you presented all the information that will get you the job interview?


Have you used sufficient power words that persuade and impress?  


Does your resume target effectively the job that you want to apply for?


Is there information that you can replace and strengthen upon?    


Does your resume reflect the job description’s duties and essentials?  


Have you documented every skill that you have acquired in your working life?


Have you documented all your qualifications including on the job training certificates and workshops.  

Have you included information that demonstrates how you improved in your last job? £
Have you included all your accomplishments? £
Have you removed all redundant information? £
Have you used all appropriate subheadings for your situation? £

Remember when it comes to resumes there is no "one size" does not fit all approach.

Your resume will depend upon the type of job you are applying for, your experience and your educational qualifications. Resumes Online will create a resume that will immediately attract recruiters and employers within the first 10 seconds. The results will take you to the next step, the job interview.

To Your Continued Growth and Success!

Debbie founded Resumes Online and comes with over twenty years experience of
successful resume writing and career coaching for companies, organisations and individuals.
Debbie is a professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP),
Certified Executive Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. Debbie's experience and
professionalism has enabled her to continue to provide a valuable and valued service for
clients seeking new employment opportunities. Visit Resumes Online website at:  or email Debbie 



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