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Using Cover Letters to Build Relationships
by Debbie

Today a client asked me to explain the differences between a resume and a cover letter.

Many people assume that the cover letter is just a formality and simply something hiring managers and recruiters have come to expect. But the cover letter serves a much higher purpose.

Job search is about building relationships and proving to a prospective employer that you are a good fit for the organization and someone who will forge a positive relationship with the firm.

Your cover letter is your first opportunity to establish rapport with an employer with a style that's less "formulaic" than the resume, the cover letter allows you to interject more about your personal brand and competencies and identify your reasons for career progressions, shifts, and detours.

In a sense, the cover letter humanises the process of search and lessens the tedium managers face when combing through a mountain of resumes.

In addition, a good cover letter addresses the employer's needs and showcases the candidate's ability to figure out employers' problems and proactive solutions.

So next time you draft a cover letter, think of it as a key "touchpoint" with a hiring manager, rather than a required form letter.

Debbie founded Resumes Online and comes with over twenty years experience of
successful resume writing and career coaching for companies, organisations and individuals.
Debbie is a professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP),
Certified Executive Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. Debbie's experience and
professionalism has enabled her to continue to provide a valuable and valued service for
clients seeking new employment opportunities. Visit Resumes Online website at:  or email Debbie 



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