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Interview Coaching

Are you getting to the interview but not getting the offer?

Ensure an exceptional interview with 2 compelling Interview Coaching Sessions with Debbie, a Certified Interview Employment Consultant for only AUS $250.00

Tel: 0409 990 701

Interview coaching will bring your interview potential to the highest level possible
and create a profound impact on the employer.

I've assisted thousands of job seekers to get the job they want at the salary they desire.

Whether you are a beginner or a senior executive this is for you. I have coached Executives, Managers, Airline Pilots, IT Professionals, Accountants, Sales People, Administrators, Teachers, Trades People, Graduates, School Leavers and many more.

I failed so many interviews because I just assumed they would read my resume and then see what a wonderful guy I was. I now realize that going for an interview is like building a house from the foundations up. Plenty of planning and research! The interview coaching was structured and full of fantastic tips and resources. Thankyou!
William Stelth- Senior Lecturer

Ask yourself the following questions:


Are you getting to the interview but not getting the job?

Yes c

No c


Do you always prepare and do research?

Yes c

No c


Do you know what kind of questions are going to be asked?

Yes c

No c


Are you confident when you walk into the interview?

Yes c

No c


Are you prepared to ask questions?

Yes c

No c


Are you familiar with Behaviour Based Interviews?

Yes c

No c


Do you know what skill set is important for your position?

Yes c

No c


Do you know the top ten tips for a successful phone interview?

Yes c

No c


Have you prepared at least ten real life examples for the interview?

Yes c

No c


Do you know how to describe your weaknesses in positive terms?

Yes c

No c

If you have answered NO to more than 3 of the questions above, it's time to get some help!

First the resume, then the job offer…..what next! Thankyou for all your hard work in coaching me through the interview process. My confidence in myself has soared! coaching.
Gary Page-Sales Manager

Interview Coaching will help you to clearly articulate your uniqueness in the following 5 areas:

1. Best areas of expertise.
2. Best work related strengths.
3. Best talents and potential.
4. Best value and experience.
5. Best qualities.


Thankyou Debbie ….Interviewing skills was something I never really thought about. But after I was coached by you I understood that I needed to demonstrate my strengths and knowledge. The value that I was able to communicate at the interview was critical to getting the job.
Jane Shore – IT Manager

The employer wants to know that YOU are the right person for the job. Getting a new job is all about marketing yourself and selling yourself successfully.

Gain an edge over your competition and enhance your value by:

- Performing at your best throughout the interview process.
- Communicating and connecting your answers clearly, concisely and confidently.
- Giving the interviewer and employer what they want.
- Providing the best strategies to answer any question.

I walked into the interview so confident and self-assured! Thanks to your coaching this time I was prepared for any of the answers. My preparation has paid off. I landed the job.  Thankyou!!!!
Jack Broadbent- Senior Manager

Preparing for the job interview is just like:

Successful marketing, it does not just happen. Successful marketing only comes about by carefully studying the market factors, knowing what to expect, and making sure that you stand out against the competition. It is exactly the same when preparing for a job interview.

Debbie is a Certified Interview Employment Consultant who specialises in Interview Coaching and has assisted thousands of job seekers to get the job they want at the salary they desire. If you are serious about getting way ahead of the competition, combine the purchase of the Interview Coaching Manual with one or more of Debbie’s powerful Interview Coaching Sessions.

Ensure an exceptional interview with 2 compelling Interview Coaching Sessions with A Certified Interview Employment Consultant for only AUS $250

Walk into your next interview prepared and confident.
Learn how to develop your portfolio and understand how to use your portfolio
- Learn perfect answers to interview questions.
- Get the interview checklist.
- Learn why Interview Research is a CRUCIAL element in preparing yourself for your interview.
- Learn 8 words and phrases to avoid. And learn 7 others to use.
- Body Language
- Salary Questions
- Learn some great questions to ask.

For a complimentary consultation or to discuss how interview coaching could benefit you, please call on 0409 990 701 or email Debbie at


Order Interview Coaching Now
for only A$250.00



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